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Trushali Chudasama, Travel Editor


Cheap and Cheerful Valentines

Are you a couple? Are either or both of you students? Limited on expenditure? If you tick all these boxes then here are some quirky ideas to keep you and your partner entertained on the most clichéd day of the […]

Top 5 Student Holiday Destinations of 2017

As a popular destination spot for the LGBT+ community, Canada has a lot to offer for everyone. With the introduction of their (relatively) new Prime Minister, Justin Treudeau, inclusiveness is at the heart of Canadian culture. The capital is usually bustling […]

Top 5 LGBT+Holiday Destinations

Copenhagen, Denmark Denmark is a popular tourist destination and being one of the first countries to legalise same-sex marriage has attracted many LGBT+ tourists as well. Copenhagen has a host of gay bars and, located in the city centre, is […]

Solo vs. Group Travel

The idea of choosing who to go on holiday with is important, and probably the first thing you’ll decide so the decision of whether to opt for solo and group travel can be a tough one. Group trips can include travelling […]

Keeping Your Summer Blues at Bay

As we swing back into the routine of Tiger Tiger Mondays, Purple Wednesdays, and Astoria Fridays we’ll all need that little something to remind us of home. Here are a few cheap and unique ways to keep your summer blues […]

The Launch Of Safe LGBT+ Travel

With the launch of a new travel firm by Darren Burn LGBT+ travel specialist, it is safe to say that travel is finally becoming a more widely accommodating leisure. Burn believes a site like this was needed for a longtime […]