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How-to: using WordPress

We use WordPress as our content management system to manage all of our content before publication and after. WordPress is very straight forward, but some things might not be clear at first glance.

Editors and regular writers will be given access to WordPress. If you feel you should have access, please email

Adding users

To add a user log in to The Galleon’s WordPress site and click on Users -> Add New, or click here. Set their username to their full name with spaces, e.g. ‘Bart Simpson’, enter their email address, first name, last name and a password. Leave their role as ‘Contributor’ and click ‘Add New User’.

Viewing posts

Click on ‘Posts’ and then ‘All Posts’ to see a list of all the posts. Click on the title of a post to edit it. If you want to see posts in a particular category or status. Click ‘Story Budget’ under ‘Dashboard’ where you can filter by category, author or status.

Adding posts

Click on ‘Posts’ and then ‘Add New’ on the left menu to get the new post screen. Alternatively, hover over ‘+ New’ in the top bar and choose ‘Post’.

You will be taken to a screen similar to below:


If the boxes are not where they are in the screenshot, scroll down and drag them into the correct place.

  1. Enter the content into the main box, and add a headline and sub-headline (if required).
    • To add a header, choose ‘Header 3’ from the ‘Format’ drop-down.
  2. Select the category (on the right hand side, you may need to scroll down).
  3. Add tags related to the story. If unsure about tags, look at some of the posts already on the website and see how they’re done.
  4. Set author – If the article is not by you, click the name, start typing the author’s name and click it to set the correct author. If multiple authors, add them all here.

Adding pull quotes

Pull quotes are a great tool for drawing the readers eye to an important part of your article, such as an interesting quote from somebody or a particular part of a review.

Adding them is very easy, simply click the quote button in the top toolbar as seen below.

This will add a box to your post where you can start typing your pull quote.

Entering review information

If your article is an Arts and Entertainment review, you need to provide us with a bit of information about it, such as where it was, your rating our of ten, which type of review etc.

To do this…

Adding photos

If you have photos for your story, you should not add them to WordPress but instead email them to our picture editor at They will discuss whether they’re suitable and check for any legal issues.

Changing your password

To change your password, log in to WordPress, and click on ‘Profile’ on the left menu or Users -> Your Profile if you’re an administrator.

Enter and confirm your new password and click ‘Update Profile’.

Connecting your Twitter account

If you’re on Twitter, then connecting your account to our website is a great way to increase your exposure and gain some new followers.

Once your account is added, a ‘Follow’ button will be shown on all of your stories and on your profile. Also, when the story is tweeted on our Twitter accounts the tweet will automatically include a mention.

An example of the Twitter follow button that will appear on your posts

To connect your account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to the website at
  2. Click on ‘Profile’ in the left menu. If this isn’t visible hover over ‘Users’ in the left menu and click on ‘Your Profile’.
  3. On your profile page under ‘Contact Info’, simply enter your Twitter username and click ‘Update Profile’.