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Menswear must-haves this winter

As students, it is hard to maintain a good sense of style while remaining practical and affordable when buying casual clothes on a budget. We’re constantly surrounded by celebrities who look effortlessly fashionable; some young celebrities whose style choices are […]

The underrepresentation of men’s fashion

Fashion. Most minds flick immediately to images of couture gowns floating down runways on super models like Kate Moss and Cara Delevigne, with high heels that clack along floors, red lipstick on perfect pouts, manicured nails and long, glossy hair. […]

Cost effective ways to cosy up this winter

Finding cheap and stylish clothes during the winter season can be tough, especially for students, when every penny is precious. Big jumpers, warm coats and boots steal money from your purse faster than you can say ‘goodbye student loan.’ So […]

Stealing styles on a student budget

Striving to be like our style icons can be a disheartening process. How do they always look that perfect? How does their hair stay like that? An extensive team of stylists, make-up artists, personal shoppers and, most importantly, a bottomless […]

From Paris to Pompey

Whether it’s a colour, texture, pattern or garment, there are some trends that are simply unavoidable. These trends are like furious fashion wildfire and spread across countries, continents and sometimes reach the most unlikely of places. Paris and Portsmouth seem […]

Dramatic looks this October

It often feels as if fashion is about choosing sides: sexy vs. tomboy, camel coat vs. parka, glossy bob vs. disheveled topknot. This season’s beauty trends are no different. It’s time to pick your side. This month in the calendar […]