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The Meal Frequency Myth

Nutrition is one of the key components of a healthy lifestyle: it reduces the risk of several diseases, decreases high blood pressure, lowers high cholesterol, improves your resistance to illness and your ability to recover from injury, and also contributes […]

Tastes of travel: Lake Tahoe

There is no scene more evocative than racing a classic scarlet sports car around ribbons of Californian coastline next to a shimmering lake, with nothing but a bottle of champagne and the beat of a Sam Cooke song. Whilst you […]

How to live a healthy student lifestyle

With the fitness business soaring and the market development set to increase to 22 billion by 2020 (Statista, 2018), it seems like almost everyone these days is focused on being ‘healthy’. This may be getting the perfect body at the […]

Tastes of travel: Bali

Bali. A prized emerald slice of Hindu culture, waves and meditation in the realm of Indonesia. Bali’s many beaches, forests and hidden waterfalls create a tranquil tempo of trickling water and foaming waves to fuel your experience.  They say that travel […]

Reykjavík – The City of Lights

Reykjavík is a beautiful treasure cove. From the Harpa to the Solfar statue, its docks with its own chocolate factory to the Hallgrímskirkja church (try saying that while drunk), the city has some truly stunning places to see. Granted, if […]

Vegan Autumnal Meal Ideas

Autumn has finally hit us and it’s time to swap out those cooling salads for hearty soups and warming winter veg. Below are some healthy (and cheap!) recipes we found to get your tastebuds tingling this October and even better […]

The problem with fad fitness

We all know what a fad diet is. It promises quick results for [insert health benefit of choice, usually weight loss], but it proves impractical for any human being to follow in the long-term. We try it, we crash and […]

The Ghosting Trend

The Google dictionary definition of ghosting is “the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly, and without explanation, withdrawing from all communication”. This is one of the most brutal ‘trends’ that we frequently grapple with in the […]

Being an EU Student in the UK

Throughout my education, I always dreamt about taking the next step when it came to my University years. Not just because I wanted to get away from what I knew, but also because my chance at the career I actually […]