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Political Fatigue

The Conservatives recently held a £15,000 per table dinner event with a silent auction. Not that bad initially, until you hear that a holiday to Italy was sold for £220,000 and a statue of Margaret Thatcher sold for £210,000. These…


Gods of the Silver Screen

Channing Tatum. Just by mentioning the name I know at least half the female population is drooling. Benedict Cumberbatch. I’m pretty sure the other half are now too. What is it about certain actors that just make our hearts flutter…


The Interview: The Delusions of Madmen

Those who have delighted themselves with my politically driven tirades of fury will understand how I would naturally come into conflict with Seth Rogan and James Franco’s typical vision on comedy and popular culture. The Interview was released late last…


Let’s Talk About Inequality

The Office of National Statistics last year found that the richest 1% of the UK had as much wealth as the poorest 55%. Oxfam calculated that five families controlled the same level of wealth as 13 million people, and yesterday…

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