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Dog meat. What’s the problem?

The annual dog meat festival was held in China recently to an uproar from animal rights activists and mass scrutiny from both outside and within China. Now whilst my little Jack Russell Corgi cross sits at home awaiting food I…


The 411 on Breakfast

For as long as man has walked the Earth, breakfast has provided him with the necessary energy for the day’s exerts. To prepare him for a day of hunting, grunting and spear-sharpening, prehistoric man would likely gorge on roast antelope…


Butchery on Vegetarianism

One of the most surprising aspects of converting to vegetarianism, is not the weird look I get at Iceland for buying every type of meat substitute, neither is it the incessant attitude my mother has when reminding me that meat…


The ‘M’ Word

The British, in their masses, seem to retreat to a Cold War mindset at the mere sight of the ‘M’ word. Although I’m not a devout follower of Karl Marx, I agree with several of his ideas and arguments which…


She was pretty

2010 was my first year at the University of Portsmouth. The first year of course is just discovering what it’s like to be away from home and restrictions, so no time for anything serious. The second year comes and you…

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