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Why Aren’t More Universities Networking?

For a lot of us, University is a place to hone our skills relating to a particular subject. Whether you’re studying Geography, Science, English, Art, or any other subject, you probably have a particular area of interest that you want […]

Make the most out of Moodle

We live in a time where we are constantly hearing about the effects of global warming. Even as certain governments claim it to be a hoax, or fake news, we can’t escape the signs that we are deeply affecting the […]

The importance of Gay Pride

  On the 15th September I attended my first ever Gay Pride in Portsmouth and it reaffirmed my belief that being seen is one of the most important things a queer person can do for the LGBT+ community. As a […]

I’m Vegan, so what’s the problem?

I have been vegan for over six weeks now and although this doesn’t sound like a long time, I genuinely can’t remember what meat tastes like. Over my twenty-one years of being a carnivore, my appetite was particular, some may […]

I Want Gun Laws Now

I am not an American citizen. I have never been to America. But I want tighter gun laws in America, now. This is a topic I have found quite difficult to write about. One of the main problems I have […]

Not Saying The N-Word

Why do white people even want to say it? You know what I’m talking about. That word. Casual if it has an ‘a’ at the end, and an attack if it is an ‘er’. The unsayable word – and rightly […]