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The events in Paris this month captivated the world, and as a result the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie became the statement that people made to show that they were utterly against the terrorist attacks in the French capital. Ten journalists lost their…


Charlie Hebdo: A Question of Culture Today

Prizing Literature interrogates the relationships between national culture and hospitality, between celebration and accommodation, between writing, reading and citizenship. On the 7th January the office of Charlie Hebdo was attacked by two men, who shot dead two police officers and 10 journalists….


The Good Delusion

Why is good now bad? Why is being called nice an insult? Peo­ple seem to want a ‘bad boy’, a girl who isn’t quite so innocent, and a less than heroic hero that has stepped straight off the silver screen…


Outraged at your Outrage

There are a great many things that our fine country is synonymous with; Tea, Wimbledon, Beef Eaters, The Queen, Manners, Cricket, Da­vid Beckham and the BBC. It’s a recognisable list, and one that may certainly garner conversation about how we…


Political Apathy: Why It Matters

Political apathy is a problem. All too often I hear ‘oh I don’t care about politics’ or ‘they’re all as bad as each other’ or ‘it doesn’t matter anyway’. Actually it does, it matters a lot — we should be…


The Unsustainable Benefit

A party conference season is filled with political rhetoric, policy points, and hints to future party manifes­tos. Yet, the policy point that I am hoping and waiting for is a cut or freeze to the paying of state pen­sions, or…

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