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Mourning the loss of theatre…

It is with great sadness that I report such tragedy but T’is rather pathetic walking down London’s West End, the stage of theatre. The place where such a collaborative form of art should be respected and showcased in all its beauty…


The modernised network

A lot of things have changed since I, as a spotty blue haired 14 year old, joined Facebook and Twitter in the summer of 2008. Iraq and the USA became Syria and the USA, the UK got rid of one…


Privacy Pigs

Edward Snowden is a hero and should be honoured for his brave actions. Highlighting corruption in the name of freedom at the risk of losing everything is something very few would bare to accomplish. There has been enough press surrounding…


Populism: Comedians and the masses

  The pursuit of leisure has always been a requirement of the people. Either through sport, entertainment or art. Though I don’t believe that anyone anticipated stand-up comedy would become a platform for political action. The stand-up comedians are now…


Mindfulness for Wellbeing

When I first came across the concept of mindfulness I was somewhat sceptical about how relevant this approach to life could be to a society seemingly addicted to stress. Considering how fast paced the lifestyle of the average 21st century…

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