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National Sport

The state of school sports

With over half of Great Britain’s 2012 Olympians privately educated, The Galleon investigates the stigma behind the correlation between sporting success and the educational system in the UK. “Pass and go, pass and go”, an enigmatic coach bellows from the side-lines. A…


Pay rises and Parasites

Bureaucracy and hypocrisy. Not only do they rhyme, but like a couple walking into the sunset, they go hand in hand. Each hand feeding the other. They show us deceit, mockery and insincerity and not even a smile to go…


New Years Resolutions

As 2013 drew to a close, it dawned upon me that I had no idea where my resolution list had gone, let alone any of the resolutions that were on it. For years now, each New Years eve I would…


Kinnan’s Christmas

Oh Christmas Day. A day in which we can spend time with our loved ones to celebrate in happiness and in joy for the great gift of family and friendship. For me however, the Christmas season is a lot different….


Why fear the extra year?

Why is there so much negative stigma when it comes to repeating a year or changing course at university? This is not the school playground anymore and we are all adults that have invested a considerable amount of time and…

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