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Theft in society

Recently a local sweet shop was broken into and a total of £650 was stolen. Of course, this is an act which will have brought despair to the owner and brought the small business into jeopardy, as across the country…


Russell Brand, a revolutionary

Fresh of my thrall through the mind of Roy Keane in the second installment of his acclaimed autobiography, The Second Half, I decided to go out and purchase ‘Revolution’. For those who do not know, ‘Revolution’ is the inconsistently written…


Hong Kong’s fight for democracy

Buildings that sore to the sky, a place where businesses are made at rapid speed, a world of culinary dishes ready at your footstep and finally the community that creates this place as it is today; that is, the people…


Save my life and let me die

Charlotte Fitzmaurice is a woman that has just changed British legal history but you probably won’t have heard of her due to surprisingly low news coverage. She has just made the heartbreaking decision to fight for her 12 year old…

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