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Don’t drink the water

Over the last eight months and twelve issues of Pugwash News, on these very pages, I have explained many things. But, today, this day, the most important mystery in humanity will be explored. It is, of course, the mystery of the success of bottled water.


Memory fades

Can you remember what you had for breakfast? You probably can. I can’t. My memory pretty much resembles a sieve, filtering out all the need-to-know facts, and leaving behind the useless nuggets of information, such as what time my favourite TV shows are on.


I’m not agnostic, but…

Arrest the Pope? Whilst it’s something I admit I would find refreshing and might make Charles Manson do a little salsa dance in his grave, I’d also like to see Richard Dawkins thrown in jail with him.


Oh, lazy student!

I personally know that this subject is split pretty much down the middle in my house, but now half way through my second year at University it’s becoming a pretty tedious subject in my mind.


The Winter Olympics

It’s ridiculous. Five men – some with mustaches – line up, then for some reason they attempt to complete “nine laps of the track!”. The track, incidentally, is a tiny oval, within which these men spend a couple of minutes skating like morons.


Tesco take over

Yes, this whole opinion piece is about Tesco. The supermarket I have probably spent about two thirds of my student loan on, and my parents spend a third of their annual wages at; not to mention my sister, who probably spends about a quarter of her EMA there, and my little brother who spends nearly all of his pocket money there.


Governmental target folly

With all the furore over the amount of prospective students applying for university both last year and this, and the developing fear over an increase in tuition fees, I think it is fair to say that the Government’s target of getting 50% of young people into Higher Education has failed.

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