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A Country’s Negative Image

Uzbekistan is a relatively unknown country to the majority of people in Britain. Most people wouldn’t know where it is on a map, let alone what goes on inside its borders. Uzbekistan is seen as a closed country, with its government heavily censoring the internal press.


Fare thee well old friend

I’d heard stories in my Fresher’s Week that there was “nothing as satisfying as peeing on Superman’s face” or that “the whole place smells of wood and beer”. I’d also heard “man, they have Bulmers on tap! We have to go!” That was my first love affair with The Reg.


Defending Che

To understand Che Guevara you must separate the man from the myths which engulf him and then understand the ideas he stood for and the people he stood with.


Spotter Cards

Genuine fear of an encroaching police state is usually reserved for Daily Mail hacks and the people that comment on the BBC’s Have Your Say. Therefore, it’s a very noteworthy occasion when those on the left get agitated by what can be described as totalitarian, police state practices.

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