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Pay rises and Parasites

Bureaucracy and hypocrisy. Not only do they rhyme, but like a couple walking into the sunset, they go hand in hand. Each hand feeding the other. They show us deceit, mockery and insincerity and not even a smile to go […]


Why fear the extra year?

Why is there so much negative stigma when it comes to repeating a year or changing course at university? This is not the school playground anymore and we are all adults that have invested a considerable amount of time and […]


Dissertation: It’s a piece of cake

OK: prepare for a controversial sentence to grip the reader and cement my place as a hard-nosed journalist. Dissertations aren’t that tough. Seriously though, I am not saying that just to cause controversy and sound like a know-it-all, I genuinely […]


Making the most of your Union

So, we are students at the University of Portsmouth, and members of UPSU. We are here to learn, grow, meet interesting people and try new things blah blah. The Union though has a deeper purpose that I don’t think many […]

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