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Contraception – Ladies, Shop Around

There are fifteen methods of contraception available in the UK – fifteen different methods! With so much choice, why is it that so many women simply stick to the contraceptive pill? It’s staggering that contraception isn’t more commonly discussed. 62% of all […]


2016 – A Dystopian Celebrity Odyssey

2016. The year hailed by all as ‘terrible’, ‘the worst year ever’, the ‘apocalypse of life as we know it.’ Trump, Brexit and the deluge of much-loved celebrities meeting their untimely demise at the hands of 2016’s very own, resident […]


Hey, Being a Male Feminist is Okay

Six years ago, I found an article on The Lad Bible. I was fifteen, so of course I thought it was hysterical. The use of terms like ‘clunge’ and their requests for women to ‘get back in the kitchen’ really […]

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