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The Trump Train

Many people will have woken up this morning to the somewhat surreal news that Donald Trump has been elected president of the United States.  As with Brexit in the UK, the polls got it wrong.  It was predicted that Hillary […]


Solidarity With Standing Rock

Since April of this year protesters have been at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation between North and South Dakota. They set up camp there to protest about the building of an oil pipeline that would involve the destruction of a […]


Gibraltar Legalises Same-Sex Marriage

Some countries seem to be going backwards in the ways of progress but seemingly not Gibraltar. In an unanimous decision, they have legalised same-sex marriage across the state. Honestly, one would have thought thought it had already been legalised in […]


Abortion Bans Breach Female Autonomy

The Polish Government’s proposed law of criminalising abortion hit headlines at the beginning of October, as widespread protests were organised across the country. Thirty thousand women went on strike in Warsaw alone on 3rd October, and as many as six million […]


Whoever Wins, America Loses

There’s a real conundrum facing the USA, and it’s entirely self-inflicted. The choice is between a woman shadier than the underside of a tree, and a man, whose recent misogyny makes your average rapper look like a veritable feminist. The […]

American Elections 2016

The Lesser of Two Evils?

When I, along with millions of others, tuned in to see the ecstatic expressions emanating across the faces of the attendees of this year’s DNC, I could not help but feel both confusion and amusement as Hillary Clinton stepped out […]


Is BuzzFeed Ruining Journalism?

  Journalism, throughout the 21st century, has been an incredible force within society. Journalists have been faced with the task of reporting history as it happens. They have risked their lives – sometimes died – so that we, comfortable at […]

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