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Oscar Pistorius

Are we all equal in the eyes of the law?

Regardless of whether or not Oscar Pistorius decides to attend qualifiers for the upcoming world championships, the fact of the matter is that the choice was there in the first place. This, amongst several other defining features of this high […]


Feminism in today’s world

Some months ago, a lecturer asked us to put up our hands if we would describe ourselves as feminists. Not one person did. The general consensus in the room was that the connotations attached to feminism were not ones that […]

Gaza Conflict

United Nations: the great spectator

For almost two weeks in mid-November, the world watched on as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict erupted into violence. Bearing a sickeningly familiar resemblance to the scenes of 2008, international media was filled with stories of civilian deaths and inhumane suffering on […]


The Earth doesn’t kill people, scientists do

No matter how much you talk to rocks, they never answer. Charging the planet’s plate formations with multiple manslaughter and putting them on trial is generally tricky because of this. Comparatively talkative humans are easier to convict, which is the […]

Felix Baumgartner

Record breaking free-falls and caffeinated drinks

If on Sunday 14th October you were wrestling a polar bear or sketching the Jabberwocky and your name was Felix, bad luck. You were not the most interesting Felix. That accolade, along with all the others he got that day, […]


Big oil and thin ice

Oil drilling has brought damage and destruction across the world, from Alaska to West Africa to the Middle East. Now the energy supermajors like BP, Shell and ExxonMobil are aiming their drills north of the Arctic Circle, to the alarm […]

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