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The modernised network

A lot of things have changed since I, as a spotty blue haired 14 year old, joined Facebook and Twitter in the summer of 2008. Iraq and the USA became Syria and the USA, the UK got rid of one […]

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UKIP a protest vote? I don’t think so

I watched with great interest as the local election results came in on Thursday 2nd May. Despite the main political classes amazing smear campaign against UKIP with Ken Clarke especially weighing in heavily at the 11th hour, UKIP certainly struck […]

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Five hours and counting

If we are completely honest with ourselves, we often leave our assessments to the last possible moment. Sure, when we hear about that upcoming piece of coursework months before its due date, we are full of empty promises: “OK, I’ve […]

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The spotted pages

Since the article on the Library, there are now two other ‘spotted’ pages. We don’t want fun to end, we just want it to be considerate. There are groups on Facebook set up and used by University of Portsmouth students, […]

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Letter: Battlefield 3 review

Dear Pugwash News, I wanted to correct some of the errors in Tom Hunt’s review of Battlefield 3. I’m not sure that his constant comments about human waste in the review are relevant to the game and not consistent with […]

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Letter: No Eldon cuts

Dear Pugwash News, I am a level 2 student of BA Photography in my third year at Portsmouth university having completed Foundation Studies in Art, Design and Media in year 2009-10. Whilst studying on that foundation course, I learnt something […]