The Galleon - Portsmouth's Student Newspaper

Societies and clubs

We’re always interested in hearing the great things that societies and sports clubs at the University of Portsmouth are up to.

If you have something coming up that you think we might be interested, please send us all the details to

Please note a few things however:

  • We’re a newspaper, not a newsletter – we will not write a promotional article on your society. Tell us of an interesting event coming up, or something our readers will enjoy.
    • Let us know of any new, quirky or interesting information about your event. Tell us something you think people will generally be interested in.
  • As a 100% volunteer-led group we have limited resources and can only send reporters and photographers to some events. We will endeavour to do so when feasible and when we think the event will be of interest to our readers.
    • If the event requires tickets we will require press passes or complementary tickets if we’re going to attend. Our members are volunteers and we will not ask them to pay to attend an event, including mandatory charity donations.
  • If we do not send a reporter or photographer, it doesn’t mean we’re not interested, we might still be in touch with you to find out more.
  • Tell us in advance: the earlier we know about something, the more likely it is we can find someone to cover the event.
  • Send us a photo. As the cliche says, “a picture says a thousand words”, and that’s even more true in a newspaper. If you have photos we can use and the copyright holder (normally the photographer) has given permission, please send them to us and we will try to use them. Some guidelines for sending photos:
    • Send the photos as a JPEG, do not send photos in Word documents or any other format.
    • Send high quality photos. Do not download photos from Facebook or any other website, instead send us the original photos.
    • Do not watermark the photos, we will not print a photo with a watermark.
    • Include contact details for the photographer or a letter/email with explicit permission. We must have permission to use the photo and will check with the photographer.


We can offer limited advertising for student groups in the print edition of The Galleon. All advertising is at our discretion and you must provide us with artwork at the correct size and format. The maximum space we can offer is a quarter of a page. We’re not currently offering online advertising.

We cannot advertise commercial activities, if your event makes money or is not for an official student group (e.g. not a UPSU club, society, group or media) you must buy advertising as a commercial entity.

If you’re a student group and want advertising, please email us at with the full details of the event and we will consider your advertisement.

Full specs for advertisement: 300DPI; CMYK; 130x170mm; TIFF.