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Fresher’s Guide

Freshers Guide

A freshers guide to: housemates

“If she doesn’t do her washing up soon, I’m going to strangle her with this tea-towel.”, “TURN YOUR DAMN MUSIC DOWN!”, “Why is there cling film all over my room?” Any of these sound familiar? It’s more than likely that right […]

Freshers Guide

A freshers guide to being green

Well, as you’ve probably guessed by now, it’s Green Week! So, that got me thinking, not only about how big businesses, governments and the powers that be can cut down on their emissions, but about how we can as well. […]

Freshers Guide

A freshers guide to dealing with homesickness

So you’ve said a tearful goodbye to your partner, parents, friends. You’ve helped your flatmates unpack and accidently picked up their fluffy handcuffs and condoms. You went to register at the doctors at the same time as one of your […]