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Game Review

Game Review

Game review: Prison Architect

Cast your mind back to the sim games of the late 90s. Classics like Dungeon Keeper, Theme Park and Theme Hospital. Their influence is clearly visible in Introversion’s Prison Architect – an unashamedly old school prison simulator. Prison Architect tasks […]

Game Review

Game review: Forza 6

Forza Motorsport is back in force, sporting over 450 cars cruising on 26 different tracks and a whole set of new and returning features. Let’s start with the weather. Forza 6, for the first time in the main series’ history […]

Game Review

Game review: Mad Max

Nearly four months after the critically acclaimed return of Mad Max to cinema screens, we are presented with a video game interpretation courtesy of Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios. While Warner Bros. initially intended on rushing the game to coincide […]

Game Review

Game review: Gathering Sky

Having a tough workload this year? Take an hour out and relax with this game. Costing only a few quid on Steam, Android and iOS, this game is strangely addictive, despite having no objectives, no puzzles and no dialogue. And […]

Game Review

Game review: Undertale

If you were to have a look at the best reviewed games of all time on Metacritic right now, you might be startled to find a title you’ve never heard of smugly holding on to a spot in the top […]


The Galleon presents: The Ultimate Revision Playlist

With exams around the corner and the revision mound piling up, The Galleon have taken it upon themselves to provide you, the diligent student, with the Ultimate Revision Playlist… Marian Hill – ‘Whisky’ Revision is well underway, and Marian Hill’s infectious jam, ‘Whisky’, […]

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